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Kevin Haeberle

Learn about CHRP and our founder.

The heart of CHRP

Our Mission:

This day and age there is a serious lack of
hands-on vocational programs in our community for everyone no matter how young or young at heart you are.

Our focus is not only building rolling works of art but, building lifelong friendships as we work together from rendering designs
to show-stopping builds. No matter what your background is, you’re family when
you take part of The Community Hot Rod Project.

Our program offers not only mechanical theory but, skills to promote a positive environment and improve both professional and personal etiquette which is missing in our community and world today.

From rust and dust to solid well thought out original designs our job is
to inspire.

Welcome to our family…


The community hot rod project

Our Santa Barbara based non-profit organization called The Community Hot Rod Project is an organization that not only offers a free program to teach the youth and young at heart how to build, restore, fabricate classic cars and off-road race vehicles here in Santa Barbara. Our program promotes a positive environment that improves both personal and community etiquette that is seriously missing in our community and world today. We offer community outreach events to help those in need at no charge throughout the year on top of our day-to-day operations. Our members and benefactors of our organization are an eclectic group of individuals that are comprised of business owners, aerospace engineers / technicians, mechanics, local law enforcement, members of the media, church members and students that all have a similar passion for automobiles and helping others in our local community.

Since our inception in Feb 2021, we started as a group of 5 volunteers and have grown to 120 members. During this time, we have held 3 successful Community Outreach events that we offered Oil Changes, Service Light Diagnostics and Car Detailing all for no cost to those in need and helped 200 people in our local community.

The Community Hot Rod Project is seeking our local community to come together to develop and build an educational workshop space complete with an outdoor event center that our entire community can enjoy. This facility is needed desperately here in Santa Barbara as there is no longer Automotive Vocational Training offered in our local high schools and hasn’t even been a forethought for elementary or middle schools.

The Community Hot Rod Project plans to change that and make this happen and fill the void in our local community. Please join our efforts as we work together to better our community and educate our future generation about the importance of vocational arts.

Meet Our Board

Kevin Haeberle: Founder & President

Eric Turner: Chief Financial Officer

John Sween: Secretary


Kevin Haeberle: Founder & President

Diane & Eric Turner: Bookkeeping & CFO

John Sween: Secretary & Goleta Cars & Coffee Lead

Dana Newquist: Community Leader & Liaison, Organization Mentor

Jeff Clark: Graphic Designer & SB Cars & Coffee Lead

Steve Heintze: Lead Mechanical Director

Blake Burgy: Industry Liaison & Marketing Mentor

Brian Dowdy: Industry Liaison & Social Media Marketing Mentor

Logan Goldberg: Event Production Director

Stephen Goldfield: Auto Expo Co-Organizer & Exotic Car Liaison